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Susan Mazza has worked with organizations and leaders for over 20 years to substantially improve the performance of their organizations and their people. With her unique understanding of human systems and an unquenchable thirst to unlock the potential of the human spirit, she has worked successfully with many types and sizes of organizations and with people around the world including: Fortune 500, small and medium sized businesses, non-profits as well as k-12 schools and districts. Her clients include: Prudential Financial, Tyco, SCMS, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, SMART Business Advisory and Consulting, LLC, The Morris School District, The Alexander Hamilton School, Morristown High School, DelSano Construction Company, REWCO, Inc., The Run-A-Ton Group, Heller CD, The Morristown Partnership, and The Cloud Institute for Sustainability. A hallmark of Susan's success in such diverse organizations is her ability to transform leading edge theory into pragmatic strategies and practical applications which significantly improve performance and inspire people to step out of their comfort zones to realize their full potential.

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